Monday, November 17, 2014

Lost to Coffee and Classic French Interior Design at Paul Bakery and Restaurant

Apart from Coffee, I am also into how cozy a coffee shop could be.
With Paul, I am impressed with its interior design.
It's a French inspired.
A combination of earth and pastel colors that
 would make you feel like being taken back to a certain era, ages ago.

Americano Coffee / Caffe Americano 
This one is my all-time favorite.
Americano is actually an Espresso but has more water.
If you want an Espresso yet not as strong as it normally is
that you still want to shut those eyes after intake,
Americano Coffee it is, for you. 

Back to Paul Cafe.
I have read a lot of bad reviews about Paul,
their customer service and food in particular.
Well, I have not tasted everything that is on their menu but I have a bit to share. 
Fortunately, our experience was different from others
with regards to customer service. We were served by a Bangali waitress
who was so warm and accommodating.
I ordered Americano Coffee which costs Dhs.17
and Gaulette Au Fromage, Dhs.15
(faluche bread topped with feta and emmental cheese)
and my friend had Cappuccino Dhs.19 and a slice of Black Forest Cake.

I love the bread. I effin' love that Gaulette Au Fromage.
However, my friend wasn't having a good time as I did.
She did not like how her Cappuccino was done
and was not satisfied with how her cake tasted.
Am not into sweets but I tried the cake to figure out what she was whining about.
And, yeah their cake was not as sweet as the usual cake.
I just told her that maybe her cappuccino had already made her buds sweet
and that whatever sweets she has to take in will be of lesser taste.
But, she was firm that her cake and coffee were not good,
so I just let her be, while I was enjoying my delights with Paul's cozy interior.