Monday, November 17, 2014

Americano Coffee at Caribou Cafe

Americano Coffee @ Caribou Cafe
Caribou Cafe at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
is my ultimate favorite Coffee shop.

I love its ambiance.
The couches. The not-so-dim / not-so-bright lights.
The earth-colored coffee tables.
It is soo right in the feels.
So cozy. So like, home.

I am such a giddy and fidgety person but I could bury
myself to anything with my Americano coffee here.


That feeling of wanting to be closed to each other all the time, we felt that. We gave in to that. For a while.

Until one morning when I felt otherwise.

You reached out but I was nowhere. I did not want to be anywhere, with you, anymore.

Such a sudden drift that even I, myself wasn't able to figure out why.

I was with a friend in the mall. I saw you with your friends and was glad you haven't seen me. We changed direction in order not to get crossed your way. I inboxed your best friend's girlfriend telling that I saw you and his guy and that I felt bad about having no courage to walk straight up to you and talk everything out. That I did not want you anymore. That whatever we had must be stopped. That it was better for us to part ways for it would be so unfair for you if it continues.

Minutes later, I got a message. 'Gurl, sorry for this late reply, I went out to get something and left my mobile to Clint. Gurl, they've read your message. They knew.'

How fate or destiny or whatever cosmic intervention there was could be so playful sometimes. Who would have thought that someone who - most of the time - buries herself to her mobile yet left it with her boyfriend?

Your best friend knew. And, you knew. Through him.

I felt your pain.

It was so selfish of me. You did not deserve how you knew it. But truth must be told, regardless of however it was conveyed.


Oftentimes, we rant about how others could stomp our puny hearts without coming to realize that we were also stomping others' hearts to death.